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Responsive website design

What do you get with a $2000 website?
  • Consultation on the website design you want by email, phone or in person if in Perth
  • Sub-editing of website text that you supply or written by me if you provide information
  • Photoshop editing and improvement of website images that you and I supply
  • Customised website design including as many changes as you want
  • Twelve website pages ($50 each for additional pages)
  • Responsive design that looks attractive and works on all desktops and Android/Apple mobile devices
  • If required, a website shopping cart that handles credit cards
  • Unlike many of the high-ranking web design firms, I create stylish websites with code instead of boring WordPress templates
  • Unlike WordPress, minimal html code for better search engine ranking and faster page downloads
  • Fixed, scroll and/or fade-in website backgrounds
  • Your choice of numerous website fonts
  • Website picture slideshows that display and link to your products and services
  • Perfect grammar and punctuation, unlike many websites built by Perth's top-ranking design firms
  • A website search function if required
  • Prominent display of your social media links and automated telephone taps
  • Search engine optimisation of text and website design (see examples)
  • Inclusion of Google Analytics to monitor website visitor numbers
  • A content management system if you want to learn how to do it yourself
  • If required, a WordPress blog to engage your website visitors
  • Additional site functions - tell me what you want and I'll think of a way to design it
  • Negotiated ongoing website updates if required, seven days per week
Over the past 20 years I've designed and maintained successful websites for a travel agency, a tennis club, a caravan park, a hospital surgeon, a classical pianist, WA's leading antique clock dealer and businesses retailing services or products such as Chinese medicine and organic groceries.
I hand-code all websites and am skilled with Photoshop, InDesign, javascript, css, html, php, pdf and most other web or graphic design apps.
I use a javascript and CSS coding framework that allows each site page to be created by its own stylesheet catering for desktop, horizontal and portrait mobile screens.
These website design skills are combined with my 35 years' experience as an editor, photographer, journalist and copywriter, resulting in attractive, informative, effective marketing via the web.
If you need a website that sells, I'll design one with a shopping cart that satisfies your desired colours and style.
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